Hey Movie Going Lovers! Does this sound like a Good Deal?

Here's what's up w/ Regal Unlimited!

July 29, 2019

LeMusique / GettyImages


It gets expensive to catch a movie w/ your honey / family ... with ticket costs  & snacks ... you could easily blow $50 - $100 in one night just going to a movie. Plus w/ other forms of movie watching to compete with like NetFlix. Just adding reclining seats & a wider menu of snacks & meals is enjoyed by many, they don't necessarliy fill a movie company's seats. Rising movie costs have many looking for movie theater deals. Whether it's a certain day or time to go, or a deal that can bring you in more often, because the cost is worth it!

Looks like Regal Cinemas is going for a better cost deal for the 'Movie Going Lover' by recently announcing their 'Regal Unlimited' subscription. here's the breakdown.

Regal Unlimited Breakdown:

  • 3 -tiered plan , depending on the monthly fee you pay, has offers for unlimited standard movies, advance ticket purchases, discounts on in-theater food & non-alchoholic beverages. Plus no blackout dates.
  • It's an average monthly fee that ranges from $18 / month to $23.50  (plus tax) depending on the tier level you pick
  • You must subscribe for a year.
  • The 3rd teir at $23.50 a month plus tax covers the most in over 550 theaters. 
  • Regal Cinemas that aren't included in the plans, $1.50 -$3 would be added to the ticket cost
  • Prices can vary depending on city size
  • Download the Free Regal App & follow the instructions after clicking on the Regal Unlimited banner.

A pair of tickets easily costs $30 for a movie date night out. If you & your honey have a lot of movie date nights out during a month, this coudl be a Good Deal for y'all. You can't share the subscription. You would each want to get your own.  Think you'd be into the Regal Unlimited dealio?