Happy Road Trip Day!

Favorite Road Trip!

May 24, 2019

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Memorial Day Weekend many times includes road trips with family / friends. If you're doing that this weekend, please drive carefully. Grab the Sunscreen & bug spray. Plus having an extra cooler never hurts either.  Where has your favorite been so far ... ? 

When honey Ted & I moved to Florida in the late '90s, we took a long weekend to explore the West Coast of Florida. We ended up in Fort Myers Beach one night during High School Spring Break. This lead to a  $100 room that didn't end up on the beach like it's main hotel. It was a secondary building they had, must have been for last minute stays like us. It was  dirty w/ an AC window unit that didn't work. We sorta slept on top of the bed w/ clothing on. Huey was with us, and hugged up to honey Ted. It of course was my fault we were in a crappy room. Huey wasn't having it, which was pretty funny.

During the night the dead AC unit was pushed inside by some kiddos. We woke to a crash & shattered glass. After 1/2 hour of honey Ted arguing w/ the front desk guy about the room & getting our money back ( we got it back), we did some early morning exploring. That led us to Siesta Key w/ a beautiful white sandy beach. Great pay off for the night before.  Some of this may sound like a bad time. It wasn't fun while it happened,  but once we left and continued the cruise, we laughed about it.  This road trip gave as an experience together that brought us even closer.  So for that it was a Great Road Trip.  The Siesta Key white sandy beach didn't hurt either...