Roaring '20s Slang that could make a Comeback! Whoopee!

Bringin' Back Sinkers & Giggle Water for the 2020 Decade

January 2, 2020
iofoto / GETTY iMAGES

iofoto / GETTY iMAGES


Happy 2020!  Here are some Quickie Slang Phrases from the Roaring '20s that could make a comeback for the new 2020 Decade! Many surprise me what they actually mean. Check them out and see what surprises you.

1. Ankle: to walk

2. “Applesauce!”: “Horsefeathers!”

3. “Bank’s closed!”: what you tell someone to stop making out 

4. Bearcat: a lively, spirited woman, possibly with a fiery streak

5. Berries: something is good, desirable or pleasing. “That sounds like berries to me!”

6. Bimbo:  a macho man 

7. Bluenose: term for a killjoy

8. Bubs: a woman’s boobs

9. “Bushwa!”: “Bullshit!”

10. “Butt me!”: “I would like a cigarette.”

11. Cancelled stamp: shy / a “wallflower”

12. Cash: a smooch

Some of my favs of the 59 listed:

  • Giggle water: liquor
  • Jake: All is okay.. Everything's Jake
  • Mazuma: Cash / Money
  • On a Toot: on a bender
  • Sheba: Sexually desirable woman
  • Sinker: a doughnut / donut
  • Whoopee: to have a good time / make whoopee
  •  Zozzled: s**tfaced

Click here for the entire 59 quickie slang words/ terms! Happy 2020! If enjoying Sinkers w/ Giggle Water does it for you ...Whoopee!