Roasted Turkey Pringles Out Now!

Are they the Real Deal?

November 14, 2019

honey Ted found them at Randalls November 2019


I  just saw the heads up that Roasted Turkey Pringles have made it out Nationwide for the 1st time this year. honey Ted actually ran across them a couple of weeks ago at Randalls. I guess that was a soft launching. Over the weekend, he popped them open to try. I'm not a big fan of turkey. I have never cared for the taste, no matter how it's cooked or fixed. With that being said, I know that perfect Roasted Turkey flavor is one many strive for in their turkey during the holidays. When the Turkey magic happens the rest of the meal seems to taste even better. Although I can appreciate that, even if I'm not a big Turkey fan. It's just more for the fanshoney Ted walked over to me, and told me to try one. I said ' That's okay!' . He said "You've Got to Try It!'. So of course that got my interest up, so I bit into my own Roasted Turkey Pringle. It has the Awesome Pringles Crunch, which should always be a given. I was surprised it wasn't overly salty. In fact, the entire flavor that hit my mouth right away, that surprised me ... FULL ON PERFECT ROASTED TURKEY FLAVOR. Actually better than some actual Turkeys I have tasted. Normally, the Roasted Turkey flavor for me goes more south w/ the aftertaste. Well, a Roasted Turkey Pringles aftertaste is like a Turkey & Mashed Potatoes Chaser. honey Ted tasted a hint of gravy in the mix too. If you can't make a Roasted Turkey, I'll be darned if you ate a few of these Roasted Turkey Pringles, your hankering would probably be taken care of. Same Yummy taste! Easy Clean up! 

I bet the Pringles® Turducken Friendsgiving Feast Thanksgiving that sold for $14.99 is yummy!It Sold Out Quick! Selling for alot more other places like Ebay. Word is the Roasted Turkey Pringles are out for a limited time! Look out for them if you're looking for an easy fix for a Roasted Turkey craving!  Guests coming for Roasted Turkey. Put a can out on a plate & serve it!  Hey I included a plate, not just from the can. That would be okay right? 


honey Ted found them at Randalls November 2019