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December 14, 2018

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The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees were announced & released. Instead of 5 .. 7 get the induction honor of next year. This honor has been considered controversial by some. No doubt the bands who are in there have lots of fans, and have been doing their thing in the music world for a long time. Although there are some bands / artists that some feel doesn't actually fit the 'Rock'n'Roll' theme.  Also many bands that are Awesome, and have never been inducted.. and some never even nominated. Although for those getting recognized and the Love of induction it's an honor.

2019 Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame Inductees:

  • Def Leppard who got me to purchase my 1st British flag pin when I was 13
  • Radiohead - Never get enough of Creep
  • Janet Jackson - Black Cat Rocks w/ Eddie Van Halen on guitar, so that gives her some Rock Cred right? 
  • Stevie Nicks - Being in Fleetwood Mac & also the combo hit w/ Tom Petty - Leather & Lace. Rock Ballad! ... Rock Cred right! 
  • The Cure - Saw them in Minneapolis w/ my friend Rob. Front man Rob never moved the entire show while the entire band moved around him. When it was over said 'THANK YOU' then walked offf the stage.  That's Pretty ROCK & ROLL in a way don't you think.. ??
  • Roxy Music - Got in instead of Rage Against the Machine. Wouldn't have been my choice, but Congrats to them! 
  • The Zombies - Just the name gives Rock Cred.. yes??...

Well Congrats to those who made it!  This sparked my curiosity w/ a questions to Mix Facebook Friends. They know their talented voices.. Check these out. If they haven't made it into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame.. maybe an nomination will come their way in the future.    Share your favorite lead singer in a band ... 

3 of my Favs:

I have way more than 3 - 4 favs... it's hard w/ so much talent out there ! Heather R.