Best Romantic & Scary Movies for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2019

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Okay, the Best Romantic  & Scary Movies (art above) ...  these could be. This depends on what you consider Romantic?Or Scary?  Here are suggestions of Thingies that could fit your definition of Romantic and / or Scary... You determine the Best part ...  

'Happy Death Day 2U' The first one was good. This is out for your Valentine's Day viewing pleasure. It could be Romantic Scary Movie if you get scared watching movies like this. This usually means more sitting closer to your honey ... grabbing ... hugging.. it could be Romantic & Scary ... Bonus w/ a popcorn & candy combo! 

Romantic Valentine's Day Movies (Could be Scary to some)

Scary Valentine's Day Day Movies (Could be Romantic to some):

​This should give you plenty to watch to get in whatever mood you're looking to get into. Be sure to add chocolate, popcorn, beverages.. whatever makes you Happy on Valentine's Day.