Don't Let Chill Rudy Fool You!

Pure Puppy Power

July 9, 2019

Rudy resting on the bathroom rug


Saturday, honey Ted & I celebrated 1 week w/ our new addition to our family ... Rudy. Formerly Night at Austin Pets Alive! He also turned 5 months-old on July 4th. It was a big holiday weekend for Rudy. Each day as he gets more comfortable w/ us, he tests the boundaries. Especially when it comes to potty training. I forgot how active a puppy is, since we had Huey 16 years, before he took a walk on the rainbow bridge over a year ago.

I call it #PurePuppyPower. Rudy has the energy power for all his puppiness. We learn new things each day. Everyday so far has been his creative ways to do his business. Coming from his foster mom's knowing what pee pads are, and how to use them everytime, left his brain by the time he got to his home with us. He's used them a few times in the week he has been with us.  But surprise attacks on the rugs and floor sorta close to the pee pads have been his choices. We did invest in a portable hand-held carpet cleaner. Rudy is putting it to great use.  He's learning how to walk w/ his harness on and leash, which he hates.  

This photo shows Rudy Calm & Chill in the bathroom while I'm getting ready for work. An hour before this, he was #LittleTroubleMaker Rudy. Breakdown of an hour this particular morning...

  • Rudy hears his food being poured in the bowl, so he wakes up and walks out of the bedroom. Eats
  • Rudy pees outside on the back patio. Gets a treat for being a 'Good Boy' doing his business outside in an area on the patio that seems to work sometimes for him. 
  • Rudy starts playing w/ his toys, and wants to get me involved. 
  • Rudy pees on the rug inside. I stop my morning thingies to clean it up via the carpet cleaner. 
  • I start a workout. Rudy gets involved by biting / pulling  on the bottom my yoga pants. He's much stronger than what his size looks like. Little but Mighty!
  • I throw Rudy's toy while trying to get some exercises in. Rudy does a toy run while pooping. A RUNNING POO!  (It's Funny thinking about it now, but not when I had to clean it up. Puppy poo sticks..  I've heard some say it doesn't. Rudy can change your thinking on that one.)  Most creative in a little over a week's time. I figure he'll top that soon
  • I clean up the poo ... giving up on the exercise video, and just do some on the back patio while Rudy just sits and stares at me. Lucky no neighbors have walked by yet.  Seeing me doing strange side kicks while telling 'Rudy to potty like a Good Boy' in a higher pitched voice. 

More Thingies like these above happen within an hour. I put Rudy in the bathroom w/ me, and he eventually wears himself out after pulling at my socks. The calm, catching a rest Rudy makes it possible for me to get ready for work. By the time I left, I needed a rest. Being Cute & Sweet is a big plus when it comes to Stubborn potty training time. In time, it should be better.  Until then, we're trying to keep up w/ Rudy's #PurePuppyPower.  Any potty training pointers you have? Send them our way. #HeatherandhoneyTed

#RudyEscapeArtist has been calmed with a trip to Home Depot on his week anniversary w/ us...