Rudy made a new friend during the weekend!

It's Been 2 Weeks w/ Rudy!

July 15, 2019

Rudy's Red Ball Moment July 2019


During the weekend, Rudy celebrated 2 WEEKS in his furever home w/ honey Ted & I. It's been fun, tiring, frustrating and all other kinds of emotions. We're all learning more & more each day about each other. Rudy definitely has #PurePuppyPower. Potty training  and his biting / teething have been a struggle at some point each day, but he's learning, and so are we. He's had way more 'Good Boy' moments w/ potty training than the 1st week, so progress is being made. Big Thanks & Hugs to Debbie for sharing  the Rule of 3s when it comes to having a new furbaby in the family.

Rudy also enjoys going on the back patio.  More so during the day then at night. It seems like he's a bit scared of the dark, which I understand especially in an environment that is new and strange to you.  Even I have no idea what Mother Nature is doing outside of my patio at times. We live within a Preserve, so there are critters, buggies and more that are close by. It's good to be guarded. One evening Rudy got his courage up and meet a new friend that hopped on the patio. I think it went well for a first meeting.. what do you think?