Rudy's 3 stages of Doggie Drama in less than 12 Hours

Bath Time for Rudy

August 21, 2019

Rudy's Doggie Drama stage 2 - Get You Back


honey Ted & I continue to get Rudy ready for his 1st Road Trip to meet / visit family in Omaha, NE. With all the healing issues of his belly .. neutering... herniated belly button ... we had to hold off much longer than wanted for 'Bath Time'. Like many furbabies, I have been around, it's not his favorite thing to do. They seem to enjoy the after 'Bath Time' feeling, especially when they go out to show others. Getting the 'You're so Cute & Fluffy & Soft!'  compliments.  Rudy decided he'd go the other route, "I'm going to get you back for making me go through 'Bath Time'." ...

Stage 1- Rudy, honey Ted & Heather make 'Bath Time' a family teamwork effort. Rudy is looking GOOD! Seems Happy w/ the after look!

Stage 2 - Get Even for 'Bath Time' during the Morning Outing (after doing it the night before too). Starting after 'Bath Time' with hard biting during play and peeing inside a few times. Memory of 'Bath Time' dislike still strong for Rudy the next early morning, w/ Back to School Traffic in full swing. Rudy decides to take even longer to do his business all the while shoving his head in wet grass & dirt. Sitting in dirt. Trying to put everything in his mouth. After 45 minutes, Rudy & I go inside and deal w/ the outcome of Rudy's morning outting. 

Stage 3 - Sink Bath Compromise. Cleaning up Rudy's legs, bottom, ears, face.  Blow drying to get fluffy & soft again. Get ready quick to head out in Back To School Traffic to work. 

The stages in quickie photo form:

Rudy's 3 Stages of Doggie Drama in less than 12 hours / August 2019

Rudy's sticking w/ his #PurePuppyPower! His 1st Road Trip with us will certainly not be boring!  Heather and honey Ted  #DoggieDrama