Rudy's 'lil JAWS is taking over Playtime!

Help Us Stop 'lil JAWS!

July 17, 2019

Right before Rudy's 'lil Jaws comes out!


It's been about 2 1/2 weeks since our Cutie Furbaby Rudy came home w/ us from the Austin Pets Alive! We've been getting comfortable, and learning each other's thingies. We already have Big Love in our hearts for our Rudy. He's been through a lot earlier in life, having been surrendered to APA! with Parvo. He survived, the treatments and beat Parvo (his brother did not.) It also made his shots get delayed a bit longer than normal. 

Rudy's a little over 5 months old, and he got what we thought was his last booster yesterday.  He did get cleared of any worries getting Distemper. Next he will get neutered, have his last round of shots, and get a hernia taken care of at his belly button because the cord wasn't clipped properly. The surgery should happen the end of the month. Once he's healed he should have a clean bill of puppy health. We've heard neutering can take down the aggression level and marking. honey Ted & I are hoping so. 

Rudy's potty training is touch and go. Good boy  positive reinforcement!  It happens a few time during a day.  Many times the no nos are very small .. markings. He's doing that alot. It's expected w/ a boy puppy. We're hoping the neutering will help curb that by a lot. ( I remember that being the case for Huey, but each pup is different.) Any potty training suggestions??? Appreciated!! 

Another biggie is Rudy's Playtime alter ego, 'lil JAWS comes out when Rudy wants to play. The first few days he played w/ a soft  bite and licked more, but now there's no playing! He may lick an area once, then BAM ... his razor sharp teeth come out. 'lil JAWS is ready to Play... Bite! You need to make sure your hands are on the toy, and he doesn't stray. If you forget, OUCHIE!!!  Fingers, toes, hair, clothing ... nothing is safe or off limits when 'lil JAWS comes out.  So maybe the neutering will help w/ this aggression too??!!!

Anything you've found / suggestions that helped stop your furbaby's lil JAWS from taking over Playtime is very much appreciated.  We have found some chewies that Rudy enjoys, that work for a little bit of time. He's even pretty darn cute carrying it around when he isn't chewing it.  lil JAWS was gone during this time. We look forward to less 'lil JAWS time, and more playful Rudy Times! #PurePuppyPower