Scary Late Night Sounds & More in SW ATX

Wildlife is Calling!

December 6, 2018

I'm wondering if you are hearing Scary Sounds like these before you go to bed? You'll hear them starting around :10 mark in the video. Crank up your speakers.There have been several late nights in SW ATX that honey Ted & I have heard, these Scary Sounds out of the dark from our back patio. We've also had a couple of quick sitings of 'WHAT' is making these Scary Sounds. I've heard seeing what's making the sound, can help curb the Scariness of the Sound.  Nope, I think the Scary Factor has increased for me. Tell me how easy it is to get to sleep after hearing that ....  knowing it's not a Scary Movie ... It's the real deal... and too close for comfort for me.

The Wildlife calling is a young pack of coyotes. At least 6, and honey Ted said he's seen 8 of them at one time. In the dark video they are on the other side of the complex calling out. But a few nights ago they were even more vocal when they got sprayed by a skunk they were hunting. The photo shows the late night view from our back patio.They were just on the other side of the fence from us. It was not PLEASANT TO SMELL either!  We're hoping they don't decide to become more adventurous, and just stay on their side of the fence. We're also looking out for neighbors' little furbabies. They would be snacks for this young pack. What would you suggest? #WildLifeisCallinginSWATX