Should the Monday after Big Game Sunday be a National Holiday?

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February 4, 2019

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Congrats to the Pats again! So are you feeling sluggish this after the Big Game Sunday .. Monday? There was a lot going on in those few short hours, that could have caused a few extra adult beverages to enter you system... low scoring game, commercials ... Adam Levine's #BigGameNipplesandTattoos fun.  Add salty snacks that seem to come with 24 hours of heartburn. Having the next day off would be nice... right? 

A few reasons why Monday after #BigGameSunday should be a national holiday:

  • Employers could plan ahead for this day off. Employers could loose up to $3 Billion dollars because employees are 'Taking a Sick Day'
  • Around 17 million peeps are expected to callin today.  Around 12% of the workforce. Since it's over 10%, a holiday would be cool. 
  • Many who show up for work, aren't as productive.... thanks to Adam Levine's nipples ...

There's more reasons, but shirtless Adam gave me a brain fart... 

What do you think?