A series worth Binge Watching this Summer!

A Spectrum Series ... CURFEW!

July 16, 2019

PhanuwatNandee / GettyImages


Do you enjoy Zombie movies / shows? The Purge? Hunger Games? Races / Competitions for Life?  If you're a fan of these types of themes, you should enjoy the Spectrum series CURFEW. A Sky One television series. It stars Adam Brody, Billy Zane and Sean Bean. It came out earlier for Spectrum video subscribers. Towards the end of June the episodes popped up for On Demand viewing at no extra charge. It says Free On Demand, but since you pay for the cable service, it's free if you are a Spectrum cable subscriber. 

CURFEW takes place in a near-future London where there is a curfew that every age must follow so they don't get bitten and become Zombie like creatures who only come out at night to hunt. There was a virus created 'accidentally' by the Government that got out and is spreading through the human population. There is no known cure for it, but lots of studies and research is being done to find one, at any cost.  With all this going on, people can't live a normal life as far as going out anytime they want. Unless they get to the 'Island' where there is no virus, zombies  or worries that stop them from living a full day and night life. Each year there is a race for others in the curfew areas. Whoever is the first to cross the finish line will get to go to the 'Island' to live. They can do anything to WIN to get there  ... make it in 1st place!

CURFEW has a character driven story on what ordinary people will do to race themselves FREE! You start to have your favs after the 1st couple of episodes.The cast includes: Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Adam Brody (The O.C.) and Billy Zane (Titanic), Adrian Lester (Trauma) and Miranda Richardson (Good Omens). You can easily Bing Watch CURFEW. Or split it up when there are nights you can't find anything to watch. honey Ted & I both enjoyed it. That doesn't happen very often. Rudy was cool w/ it too! 

Many fans and cast members want a season 2. CURFEW could easily have a 2nd season and more as long as it's written and created in the same vein as season 1 ... Character driven reality that's believable. Here's what's being said about a possible season 2.