TXDot 's New campaign to Stop People from RUNNING across I-35


February 18, 2019

D 136901074 © Romantiche | Dreamstime.com


You would think commen sense would kick in when it comes to running across I-35, and say, 'No.. Do Not Do that!'. Unfortunately it's getting more common. In the past 4 years 21 pedestrians who tried to run across I-35 didn't make it.TxDOT says it's around 60% of all fatalities in Austin. This has created the reason for the newest campaign w/ the catchy title of ... 'Stay Alive! Don't Cross I-35!' It's part of the TxDOT's 'Be Safe Be Seen' initiative. 

'Stay Alive! Don't Cross I-35" is meant to cut down the number of people losing their lives because of the poorly thought out decision to cross I-35. 

  • Installing signage on the interstate near 51st Street. This area has had the most fatalities 
  • 26 signs will be installed, and possibly more added in other areas in the near future
  • Handing out flyers and talking with businesses in the area. Many businesses see at least 1 person a month racing across a very busy 1-35
  • Communicating with people in the areas to always use a pedestrian bridge to cross the interstate. 

How will this campaign work when 70 plus mph moving vehicles and barriers don't seem to stop some from crossing? It's better than doing nothing. Maybe a few will look at the signs & think that's a much better idea .. NOT TO CROSS! But most who decide they want to try and cross, will probably do it anyway. Human nature to do the opposite of what you are told. What do you think would work? 
(CBS Austin)