Find out where Life lasts the longest in Texas

Check the Life Expectancy in your Zip Code

March 14, 2019

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University of Texas Southwestern & the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler teamed up to analyze over 1.5 million state records. With these records they put together 'Life Expectancy Data' for close to 1,000 zip codes in Texas. The outcomes of the areas are based on data dealing with obesity, exercise, mental health, support for each other, stress and other things that make a big impact on Quality of Life, which affects the Quantity of Life. Might be surprised that it's not Austin, even though ATX is considered an extremely healthy area.

The area with the Longest Life Expectancy in Texas, that beat the entire country's national average at 78.8 years old by 20 years.The Life Expectancy in this area in Texas is 97 years old .. HUTTO!
Yes, if you want to live a better longer life, move to Hutto. Maybe it's from a Magical Power of the Hippo ... ?  (Fox 7)

Click here to find out the Life Expectancy by your Zip Code in Texas.  The area I live in Southwest ATX the average is 85.6 years old. What's the average where you live in Texas?