'Subway Squabble' wins top wildlife photography award

Unexpected Drama in Familiar Places

February 13, 2020
Photo Lens Nature

scyther5 / GettyImages


The Natural History Museum in London had the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year's People Choice Award competition. They received 48,000 photos with 25 chosen for the short list for voting.There were more than 28,000 votes and the majority declared 'Subway Squabbles' by Sam Rowley the winner. Sam spent 5 days in the London subway waiting for the perfect shot.Thanks to 2 mice fighting over a tiny crumb, he got it! Sam Rowley's photo will be in the Natural History of Museum until the end of May. (CBS News)

"The tunnels are a desperate place to live if they need to have a boxing match over a tiny little crumb," Rowley said ...

"This image reminds us that while we may wander past it every day, humans are inherently intertwined with the nature that is on our doorstep. I hope it inspires people to think about and value this relationship more." said Rowley ...