SuperHero Day Battle is ON! Marvel vs DC!

Which is your favorite Superhero Group?

April 28, 2019

Choreograph./ Getty Images


Happy SuperHero Day! The battle is on between Marvel & DC. Which is your pick?

Who is your Real Life Superhero? Right now? 

Growing up it was my Daddy Maurice & Mama Betty. I was adopted at 3 weeks old, and always knew I was WANTED. I always had lots  Love, Guidance and Support growing up. Although they are no longer w/ me physically. I know in spirit they are watching over me.  My Love for them is Eternal, and am Thankful I'm their daughter!


MySuperhero right now, and has been for the past almost 27 years. Dated for 9 years, and married for almost 18 years (6/30). honey Ted he's my Best Friend, Lover, Hubby, Family & more. His Love, Support, Patience and Kindness is a constant in my life. He's my biggest fan, and always finds a way to make me Feel Good. He can make me laugh even when I don't think I can. I'm Blessed each day we have together. Even the moments in the day when we are busy make all the difference.  HONEY TED IS MY SUPERHERO!! Who is YOUR SUPERHERO?