Surviving Back to School Traffic

August 23, 2016

What took me a 12-20 minute drive to work this summer, has gone up to 30-45 minutes in just 2 days because of the 'Back to School Traffic'. There will be a day here and there during a week, where you wonder if everyone called in sick? Is it a holiday nobody told you about, because you made it to work in good time. But from now until holiday breaks, the 'Back to School Traffic' all times during a weekday is going to be 'SUCKY'!  Of course listening to the Mix Morning Show /w Booker, Alex & Sara on the way in each morning, and w/ Jay Styles on the drive home each afternoon, is the perfect ear candy to have during your ride. 

This was the thought that popped into my head this morning while I was stuck in 'Back to School Traffic'.  Until I saw IT... 

Note: I was not driving when this photo was taken.

No, not the Longhorn decal.. HOOK'EM! This...

'IT' made me smile thinking if their ride, and mine too, could turn into ... 

...a TRANSFORMER, how different the ' Back to School Traffic Drive to Work' would be. I want to thank the person in front of me this morning for making me smile w/ their cruising humor. This little window sticker made my morning, and probably my day driving back home. It's the little things, which also includes the wave when someone lets you in. I got one of those this morning from the Austin Energy guy. Give the wave, try to be nice to each other on the roads ... if all else fails ... 'THINK ABOUT HAVING A TRANSFORMER!'


Here are a couple of links to helpful Back to School cruising / safety. Good Luck!