SFC 4 Things to Know About Farmers' Markets

Have a Happy Spring at SFC Farmers' Markets!

March 25, 2019

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Springtime means Farmers' Market Yummy Time! Making plans to buy local & organic is a Fantastic 1THING you can do in ATX. Making sure you know the practices and getting the healthiest product you can is very important too. Our friends at the Sustainable Food Center belive in that too, so they have taken a closer look  at their Farmers’ practices to make sure they are keeping consumers safe. SFC put this together. Enjoy your Farmers' Market food adventures knowing these helpful tips.


  1. Every vendor at SFC Farmer's Market receive thorough coaching from market staff for food safety. Working closely w/ Austin Public Health to develop and update food safety policies. All products have permits to sell. (Coaching & Oversight)
  2. Supply chains in traditional retail outlets have food moving up to 1500 miles before making it on your plate. The food travels from processing centers to many other places before making it to shelves at your grocery store. This allows for more chances of contamination. Farmer's maket food is usually harvested within a few days & usually travels 40 miles or less to the market. A more direct path from farm to plate. Much lower travel when it comes to carbon footprint too. (Supply Chain)
  3. In 2011, Congress passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to help prevent food-borne diseases. Requirements aimed at farm & ranch enterprises. Last September the Sustainable Food Center hosted a FSMA workshop to help get their farmers up to speed on regulations that went into effect in January 2019. Reducing food-borne illness with technology from pasteurization to refrigeration helping to create a food system where fewer Americans are sickened by contaminated food. Consumers' demands for safe food is leading the way. (Food Policy)
  4. Here's are tips to ensure the food your family eats is safe. Shop locally. Staying informed by Sustainable Food Center. Shop at a Farmstand / Farmers' Market making sure to shop for your perishable items last. Have a cooler bag to make sure you can store food in a cool place until you get home. Ask vendors about their process and handling of their food before you buy it. Don't forget to wash your reusable bags & rinse your produce before you eat it! ENJOY! (What You Can Do)


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