A Thanksgiving Guilty Pleasure

Cranberry in a Can vs Cranberry Sauce

November 15, 2018

ID 101353596 © Erin Donalson | Dreamstime.com


Happy Week before Thanksgiving!  With Potlucks popping up before Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving meals in the planning and getting the supplies needed in the works. This time of year has me enjoying my guilty pleasure that has always been a part of my Thanksgiving / Holiday meals ... It's Cranberry -ish.. The Cranberry in the can.  For some reason, it tastes the best this time of year. I enjoy actual Cranberry Sauce, but it doesn't replace the enjoyment I get eating the ridged Cranberry stuff in a can.  It's oh so bad, but so good.

Which one will be included w/ your Thanksgiving dinner?  

Got a #PotLuckLunch at work coming up! Here are some ideas! What's your #GoToDish? 
There is cocktail meatballs w/ Cranberry Sauce in the mix here ... 

 Wonder how those meatballs would taste w/ the Cranberry in a can?  I know so wrong... 

Have a Happy, Safe & Yummy Thanksgiving!