Thanksgiving / Holiday Feast Fresh Twists

Holiday Feasting Made Healthy

November 18, 2019

AmalliaEka / Getty Images


Holiday Feasting is a Big Deal when it comes to sharing comfort foods with family & friends. This year your meal could get 'on trend' with fresh twists on the classics making Holiday Feasting a Healthier Cleaner Comfort.

Healthier Holiday Feasting Tips:

1) Trade out mashed potatoes for Purple Sweet Potatoes: Considered the 'IT' veggie of 2020. 

2) Consider a plant-based main dish.

3) Drop the deep frying and air-fry side dishes

4) Give black seed oil a try.  

5) CBD oil has become popular to flavor non-alcoholic drinks.Takes the edge off safely. Always ask before putting anything it in a guests food / drink. Be sure they know if food / drinks have CBD in them already. 

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