The Golden Girls have a drinking game w/ shot glasses!

Big Kid Game Night Fun!

September 4, 2020
The Golden Girls Flamingo shot

Here's one for a thirsty Game Night at Home for the Big Kids at heart. The Golden Girls have their own shot glasses with drinking game. Get the adult beverages and cheesecake ready! Grab your favorite ... Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose shot glass. Each one has a drinking game rule for each Golden Girl.

When you're watching The Golden Girls take a drink when your rule comes up.

  • 'Drink when Dorothy stated a sentence with Ma'.
  • 'Drink when Sophia tells you to picture Sicily.'

$22 of quarantine fun at home. The night's complete when late-night cheesecake time doesn't end w/ hair holding .. either way... 'Thank You For Being A Friend!'

You could also truly enjoy your Cheesecake during Wine Time. Enjoy the sips & bites w/ The Golden Girls Wine Glasses. You'll also see a Hot Sauce tease too. It's all about the TGGs Big 25th!