The Golden Girls TV Home is For Sale! See the True Interior

First time in 65 years we can see inside

July 24, 2020
Golden Girls Bobble Figurines HR photo

Who's your favorite Golden Girl ...  Sensible Dorothy (Bea Arthur) , Spry n' Sassy Sophia (Estelle Getty) , Innocent Rose (Betty White) or Flirty / Man Loving Blanch (Rue McClanahan)? Most everyone I've run into has a favorite from the show, whether they've watched it a few times or all the seasons. The Golden Girls is still timely on TV today, even 28 years after it's series ended in 1992. No matter if you're young or old, you can relate to the characters whether they remind you of someone in your family or yourself. A strong bond that grew even stronger during each season with many celebrations of happy times and heartbreaks of losses over cheesecake under one roof for the characters and the viewers / fans. 

The Golden Girls TV show takes place in Miami, FL with the vibes of a Florida retirement community ... 

The Golden Girls TV Home is for sale by the original owner. Although it's not in Miami, it's in Brentwood in Los Angeles with a much different interior than the tv show. The inside of the home for the show was a set. For the first time in 65 years the public is invited to see the true interior and a chance to buy it for $2.9 Million. Check out the photo gallery 

Could you you live in The Golden Girls TV Home?  

These newbie collectibles could be added to the decoration when you move in, or just add some TGG Love in your home now. 

Or this

My Fav Golden Girl ... Sophia.  I can only hope I can be that Spry n' Sassy if I'm lucky enough to live to my Golden years. - Heather