Lasagna that take 3 Days to Make!

It's a 100 Layer Lasagna

February 6, 2019

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Have you ever had, seen or heard about a 100-layer Lasagna?  First time for me. I was looking on Food Beast and saw it!  The 100-layer Lasagna is created at Viale dei Romani in Hollywood, CA.  It's called Pasta Alla Piastra made with layers of sheets of pasta between a mix of bolognese sauce (made from veal & pork)  and béchamel sauce. The process is repeated  40-50 times, during a 3 day period, creating a 100-layer Lasagna. Here's how it's created! 

I really want to try 100-layer Lasagna! I wish someone in ATX made a creation like this. If you happen to run across something like this, let me know. There's NO WAY I have the PATIENCE to make it. It wouldn't  look a thing like this beautiful Lasagna creation either! Could you take a pasta challenge like this on?