Would you eat a Pickle Pizza? IT'S A PICKLE PIZZA! .. not just a topping!

Too Much???????

June 25, 2019

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You might have had / seen  Pickles on Pizza. But this pizza is a PICKLE PIZZA.. It's a Big Dill! Would you eat this?  

QC Pizza Mahtomedi, MN went for it w/  "It's Kind Of A Big Dill" ! "...Base layer of garlic dill sauce on top of the dough, followed by a layer of homemade Canadian bacon that's been smoked for 48 hours, and a layer of fresh pickles. It's then caked with a generous layer of mozzarella cheese, yet another layer of pickles, and a dusting of dill."  Or too much for Pizza? 

I enjoy Pickles from time to time, but since I have a sweet tooth, a Big Dill Pizza would be too much for me. Bread & Butter / or Sweet Pickles I would be much more on board. If you're a Spicy Pickle Fan, then 40 North's collab w/ La Barbeque could be your Pickle Pizza Dream Come True.

40NORTH  LA BARBEQUE COLLAB  SPICY PICKLE PIZZA La Barbeque's housemade pickles, mozz, fontina, parm, La Barbeque's pickled garlic, fresno, dill  $15.40
Where else have you tried a yummy Pickle Pizza?