Thingies to Do w/ Mama!


May 11, 2018

Update Friday 5/11:


Happy Mama's Day Weekend!  Last minute ideas & thingies to do below!  It's hard to describe a Mama in 1 word, but the first one that came to my mind about my Mama Betty is 'FEISTY'!  Of course she was Big time Supportive & Loving .... but those things were definitely wrapped in a Big Bow of Fiesty... the  lively, determined, and courageous kind of Fiesty .. She is no longer w/ me physically, but her spirit lives on in my heart & memories. Many of them filled w/  Loving, Supportive & FIESTY TIMES!   Happy Mama's Day to Mama Betty... Love You Tons!  Heather 

Your turn... how about your Mama???? 


Happy Mom's Day Sunday (5/13/)  ! I hope all the Mamas have a Great Day. I'm not a Mom, so I don't know what a Mom absolutely wants. I also figure no Mom is the same in exactly when it comes to her wants & needs. I do know when asked 'What do you want for Mom's day?' The 'Nothing' answer is the worst one and most stressful for a child/ family.  When your honey / kiddos ask you what you want, please let them know. If it's just to spend time w/ the family, that's an answer.. that's not NOTHING!  The NOTHING ANSWER doesn't seem to translate the same from Mom, to honey, kiddos/ family. It's good to be specific w/ your answer. Whether it costs money or not.. knowing what you want is ALWAYS THE BEST!  Or what I have found when it came to giving to my Mama Betty.

BTW Mama Giving Advice: Don't assume when dad gets mom a gift, that child is included in the giving part. I learned the hard way on that one... That was a rough Mom's Day that year.

Anyway.. Here's the  'Want / Need' question...  you will also find some ideas, if you have / or get the 'NOTHING' answer.. Let's make Mom's Day as Happy as we can for all. Make it a Team Family WIN!

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