Thingies We Forget We Need for the BBBRRR COLD

BTW: Winter Officially Starts December 21st!

November 13, 2019



This BBBRRRCold snap that hit ATX / most of Texas is a  HUGE COLD WAKE UP CALL what we could expect this Winter. Since Winter doesn't officially start until December 21st.. Yes! That's over a month away! This recent BBBRRRCold Snap we're trying to WARM UP from, got me thinking about some other Thingies ... 

Besides all the Thingies We know or are Told to do for & during the BBBRRRCold that are very important:

A few of the Thingies We Forget We Needed for the BBBRRR COLD

There are other Thingies that I realized I forget until I really need them. I wanted to share what I had, and if you can add to this list please do. 

Thingies We forget We need when it's BBBRRRCold!

  • Tissues  In your coat pocket / purse/ bag with gloves, ear warmers.. when your nose starts running because it's Cold! I forget this one a lot, and wish I wouldn't. HR
  • Static Spray My hair is always a  Hot Static Mess when I come in from BBBRRCold weather. Spraying your coat hood, and hanging on to the spray. It will be needed! 
  • Ice Scraper  One of my least favorite things about cold weather .. scraping the icy ride windows. They aren't easy to find in ATX either. Walmart ... Amazon.. head north 
  • Fleece Lined Leggings  These work great especially when you're taking a furbaby out. They tick in nicer than jeans, and the fitted fleece is nice & warm. I experimented 1st hand this morning!
  • Lip Balm/  Extreme Dry Skin Lotion / Vaseline  It's a Triple Combo that work great together during BBBRRRCold weather. Chapped, Dried out and bleeding taken care of in a pinch! 
  • Thick Fuzzy Socks w/ Boots  Winter weather / insulated socks work. Warm Fuzzy Socks just feel Fuzzier.They can make for a Happier Fuzzy Cold Weather time when the Boots are off
  • Tank Top Layering  Layering is important during BBBRRRCold weather. Freezing outside. Heat cranked inside and sweating to death! start taking things off. Tank Top / Spandex is really warm under big sweaters, or under the shirts that are under the sweaters. Too warm inside. Peel those layers off.  Leaving put them back on. Give yourself more time during the BBBRRRCold to do just about everything! 
  • Pantyhose / Tights - It's surprising how warm they are under jeans and thick pants, that need some extra warmth. Not a bad substitute for long johns if you don't have those. Spandex leggings also Rock the Warmth during the BBBRRRCold! honey Ted has worn my pantyhose under his jeans before when it was negative temps in Omaha, NE. No shame at all staying warm. He looked cute in them too!
  • Glass of Wine / A Shot / Hot Chocolate (spiked) at home snuggling w/ your honey/ furbaby/ favorite blanket. Warm liquids / liquids that can keep you warm are nice to have around and enjoy! 

Suggestions to this list are WELCOMED! Bring' em! We can be even more prepared for the NEXT BBBRRCold Snap! Stay Safe & Warm!