Things You Loved as a Child, but Don't as an Adult

What would you add to this list?

January 31, 2019

Galveston Historic Pleasure Pier Photo taken by Heather


I ran across this list.. Things you LOVED as a Child, but not now as an Adult! Anything on this list make you think  .. 'Yes, I Loved that, but not so much now?' 
What would you add to this list?

Things You Loved as a Child, and HATE as an Adult! 

  1. Being pinched on the cheek   Did anyone Love this as a child? 
  2. Having your mom do that thing where she licks her fingers and cleans your face  Never cared for this either
  3. Anything that requires taking off your shirt in public There are several photos as a little one w/ out a shirt on. Not the case now. 
  4. Sleeping over at a friend’s house  True, I'm not a fan of not sleeping in my bed if I have that option. 
  5. Staying up late    No Love lost on this. I tend to hate it the next day 
  6. Sitting in the front row at a movie theater  Never Loved doing this 
  7. Your birthday  Loved it as a child. I got lots of presents being the only child.  As I get older I'm less of a fan! 
  8. Surprise parties (or surprises of any kind) I have never had a surprise party.  Surprises are less likable as I age. 
  9. Cereals based on cartoon programs  I'm not a fan of the talking cereal /products. Cartoon characters are cool. 
  10. Invisibility I could go either way on this one. Depends on where I am and what I'm doing. 
  11. Playing dress up  It's still fun to dress up. I guess as an adult you need an excuse so you don't look like you lost your mind. Halloween is the best as an adult too! 
  12. Loud music  Always loved it, but my ringing ears don't seem to be fans
  13. Naps   I never Loved naps growing up.  As an adult I wish I could have a nap time! 
  14. Water parks (see: #3)  As an adult without kiddos, I'm not a huge fan of overcrowded water parks walking around in my bathing suit. 
  15. Doritos, Cheez Doodles and all that other delicious crap  Junk food snacks! Always & stil Love them! 
  16. Talking during a movie  Most others around you don't Love this one! 
  17. Knocking things down - Never Loved doing this no matter what age. 
  18. Fart jokes - Never been a fan at any age
  19. Spankings - I didn't like these growing up, and it would be weird  for me to get them as an adult
  20. Being the oldest -  Growing up always trying to look older. As I get older, I don't mind the number being the oldest, but the body aches, pains and querks that start popping up as I age... this part Sucks! 

My addition to something I LOVED as a child, but not as an Adult. Those spider / octopus type carnival rides that spin around, while the car you're in is also spinning around. Loved those rides when I was a kiddo.  As I've gotten older, these rides make me feel SICK!  Swings are border line ... Ferris wheels are cool. I also still enjoy most roller coasters. I guess they go fast enough my body doesn't have time to feel SICK? 

Galveston Island Rides Photo by Heather