Power Rangers Celebrate the Big 25 Today!

#NationalPowerRangersDay #GoGoPowerRangers

August 28, 2018

Today, August 28, 1993 we were introduced to the #MightyMorphanPowerRangers TV series, and shortly after the Power Rangers become global heroes. Even though the first Power Rangers TV show lasted only 3 seasons, the Power Rangers franchise has kept going with new teams, new actors and stories in movies and series. Now during 2018, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is going strong!  25 years of TV series, movies, a toy empire and still Loved by many around the World!  #GoGoPowerRangers #ItsMorphingTime.  Hasboro had to declare today August 28, 2018  #NationalPowerRangersDay!!! Happy 25th! 

This will get you even more into the Power Rangers Spirit.

What color & Ranger skills / abilities is your inner Power Ranger? It can be an actual one, or you could make it up!  My inner PR is the #MagentaPowerRanger w/ ability & skills to wiggle either index finger, and the Yummiest Baked Goods appear.  They can be enjoyed 24/7 with no worries about gaining weight / or any other health issues! #ItsBakingMorphingTime!  Does that work? Yes?.. No? 
How about your #InnerPowerRanger?