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Heather & honey Ted's 1st Time: 'Not Blowing It Off!' #GoPinkATX

October 5, 2016

Well, today after my show I head out for an MRI to get a better picture of the dense breast tissue issue that was brought up on September 12th. This was the day I had my 1st 3D Mammogram. For the past few years, I've had the regular/ 2D Mammograms. My doctor felt it would be good to get an even better photo of my dense breast tissue just to make sure all is good. My patient write up listed 'Fibroadenosis of left breast & Fibroadenosis of right breast' . I found out this is 'Noncancerous changes that give a breast a lumpy or ropelike texture ... Very common... more than 3 million US cases per year ... lab tests and imaging is often required. The condition is likely due to hormone changes during the menstrual cycle.'

When I was making my appointment, I had to make sure it was shortly after my menstrual cycle. The word is you get better results w/ the MRI of the breast tissue during this time. Check!  honey Ted confirmed w/  ARA and the insurance company that all is good and set for the MRI. Check! I have my insurance card and id. Check! I printed off the forms from their website to have those ready when I get there. Check!  

The photo is one of the 6 forms I was filling out late last night. This form has a big list of things you  shouldn't have in or on your body when doing the MRI. I don't have them, but it made me more antsy about getting it w/ all the forms that need to be filled out. I'm not a fan of things like this, as most aren't. Which is a big reason why many women and men blow off getting the yearly check ups that are necessary to stay on track with their health. This also includes follow ups like an MRI if there is something that needs to be looked at a bit closer. Most of the time it's nothing, but if it was 'something 'the earlier the detection the better. Yes, the cost, even w/ insurance, sucks! But don't let that be the reason you don't get a checkup / Mammogram. Be proactive when it comes to your health. There are many services available that can help. You can find those and more on  Please check it out, and pass it along to all your family and friends. Spread the word... GO PINK ATX! 

There's only 1 You. Take Care of Yourself!  PRETTY PLEASE!!!  I'll let you know how things go. It should be All Good! And Yes... honey Ted is going w/ me for support because he's AWESOME!!  I'm a  Lucky Lady having him in my life!   #DontBlowItOff  #YouAreWorthIt  #GoPinkATX #LoveIs ...

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