Top 10 Best Pickles to Eat!

Happy Pickle Day!

November 14, 2018

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It's National Pickle Day! The history of the Pickle starts in India, takes a turn to the Dutch getting the name and becomes extremely popular in the Jewish diet. Click here for Pickle history. Pickles are one of the popular condiments/ sides that are served w/ many types of BBQ. The Plastic Spoon put together a list of the Best Pickles to try. See if your favs are in this list, or maybe try a new Pickle Pick to celebrate the Day! Enjoy! 

Plastic Spoon Top 10 Must Try Best Pickles 

  1. Claussen Dill 
  2. Vlasic Whole Dill 
  3. Van Holten's
  4. Brooklyn Brine Company 
  5. Bubbies
  6. McClure's Spicy Pickles
  7. Oregon Brineworks
  8. Wickles Pickle (Fun to say out loud) 
  9. Exra Spicy Pickles (No surprises on what you'll taste)
  10. Grillo's Pickles

Catch the Pickle 411 on all these. What pickles would you add to this list? 

Random Pickle Facts

  • Pickles with warts (bumps rather than the smooth ones) are a Fav in N. America
  • Wart-less Pickles are a Fav in Europe
  • Around 20% of Pickles are sold refrigerated
  • Pickles are technically fruits (really?)
  • 20 Billion Pickles are eaten in the USA
  • 'Snap' s the sound the Pickle makes when you bite into it
  • 25 feet away is the distance a Good Pickle Snap can be heard
  • Snap-less Pickles are called 'Denture Dills'
  • Around 70% of households eat Pickles
  • Dill Pickles are the most popular Pickles

Catch more tibits & the history of the Pickle here!  Have a Happy Pickle Day! Enjoy the Dill or Sweet Snap! 

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