Where did your honey Pop the Question?

Happy Proposal Day!

March 20, 2019

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Today is National Proposal DayProposals can happen, but it's also a day where someone can let their honey know they are ready for a Marriage Proposal. Sometimes subtle hints don't work ...  You've already had the proposal and making plans to get married /  or already married, Where / how did it happen? Share your proposal .... 

honey Ted and I dated for 9 years before we got married.  He moved w/ me when I started my radio career about 2 years into our dating. From there we lived together, and pretty much shared everything! We really didn't care much about the piece of paper. We knew we Loved each other, and getting married wasn't a biggie for us. It was for family. (especially my Mama Betty)

When we were living in St Petersburg/ Tampa, Florida is when honey Ted popped the question. He proposed on a warm Florida Saturday night. During the day he was acting weird, and I couldn't figure out why. He suggested driving around a bit before we met up with friends. He drove around and past several beaches in an hour, but wasn't stopping.  We ended up meeting friends at a bar on St. Pete Beach.  After we grabbed a bite and drinks, he asked if I wanted to go for a walk along the beach. Once we were on the beach in an area where it was just us, he got down on one knee and asked in loving words if I would Marry him. My first response. 'Are you serious?'.  He said , a bit irritated on his knee, 'Yes, I'm serious.'  I giggled and said 'Yes.. as long as you're sure!'  We went back to the bar to celebrate w/ our friends. They were surprised he asked too. No ring. He wanted us to pick out our rings together. We enjoy doing lots of things together, so I was cool with this too! 

I'm Happy honey Ted was serious. June 30th is our 18th Wedding Anniversary. Add the 9 years before.. celebrating 27 years together. Filled with lots of Happy Times, that make up for the Bad Times too. Whatever kind of time that comes our way, I'm Thankful for each day I have w/ honey Ted. He makes the Sad/Bad times lots more bearable, and the Happy / Great Times that much more Happier!

I Love you just the way you are... Thank you for being you! Thank you for your Love. A special gift for me everyday we have together. You Rock!  honey Ted ...  Love You Tons! Heather