A-List Celebrity Heroes for the Environment


September 7, 2018

Paul Drinkwater/NBC via USA TODAY NETWORK


Many A-List Celebrities do a lot of Good for the Environment. Green Living is a way of life for them. They use their fame to help Mama Earth, rather than creating excessive waste. Here's the #CelebrityGreenLivingHeroes ....

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio: Started & heads the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation.  For the past 20 years, he's done  a lot of Green Good. Campaigning for aid in habitats, biodiversity, renewable energy, climate change awareness and ocean conservation projects.
  2. James Camerson:  Green building and Ocean preservation. Vegan lifestyle. Climate change awareness, deforstation, water use and emissions
  3. Cate Blanchett: Know to live off-the-grid. Reuses and recycles theatrical props & costumes. Big support of solar panel & rainwater collection system. The face of a campaign against climate change... Who On Earth Cares / Australian Conservation Foundation
  4. Jack Johnson : His contributions include the Johnson Ohana Charitable Campaign & All At Once. A UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador. He uses an EnviroRider. An Environmental handbook that promotes eco-friendly tour production. He makes sure the venues and the tour operators are on board with helping Mama Earth when it comes to his touring and carbon footprint.
  5. Brad Pitt: Make It Right organization -  building homes for those in need started with Hurricane Katrina survivors.  Global Health issues and more.
    Find out more about these Fabulous Green Living Celebs.

*News just came out today 9/7/18 that Make It Right is being sued for substandard building of the homes. May Brad Pitt & his Make It Right Foundation.. Make it Right!