Top costumes for all for Halloween 2017


October 10, 2017

The numbers came out for Halloween 2017 w/ a predicted amount of spending to the tune of $9.1Billion up from $8.4Billion last year!  That's a lot of SCARY happening!  179 million Americans will celebrate Halloween spending an average of $86.13. Here's the Scary Breakdown:

  • $2.7Billion spent on Candy - The most states (5) loved Candy Corn / The candy w/ the most votes- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • $3.4 Billion spent on Costumes - The biggest percentage dressing up are adults at %48.. children and then pets follow behind. Superhero costumes are the most popular among kiddos this year.  More than 3.7 million will dress up this year. Wonder why the French Fries didn't make the top 10 in any category... if there are 2 furbabies at home one can be the Hot Dog and the other Fries!.. LOL....

Top Ten Halloween Costumes

Rank               Children                                Adults                       Pets

                   Action/Superhero                    Witch                          Pumpkin

2                    Batman CharacterPrincess      Batman Character     Hot Dog

3                    Animal (Cat, Dog...)                 Animal (Cat, Dog...)   Dog/Lion/Pirate*

4                    Spider-Man                              Pirate                          Bumble Bee

                  Star Wars CharacterMarvel     Superhero                   Devil

                  Witch                                        Vampire                      Batman Character

                  Pirate/Marvel Superhero           Zombie                      Ghost

                  Disney PrincessDCSuperhero  Star Wars Character  Cat

                  Ghost                                        Slasher Movie Villain  Witch

10                  Wonder Woman                        Wonder Woman          Star Wars Character

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Not every furbaby can Rock a Bunny! 

 honey Ted & I  have done #7 a few times. Here is one of our favs Zombie Couples ...