A Tough Decision to Make...

#HueyRIP #HeatherandhoneyTed

March 11, 2018

honey Ted got a call from Brodie Animal Hospital that 'Huey' was ready. His remains were ready to be picked up. We've never done this before, so we aren't so sure what to do next. Of course it started the tears again. Even though it was a very thoughtful and organized package. The folks at BAH made sure everything was perfect. It includes several items, that each one we  would touch or look at, it made us cry.  If you haven't done this either, here's the basic set up of the memorial package that does include Huey's remains...


The footprints are separate w/ the 'Rainbow Bridge Poem' and a place we can put Huey's photo. I guess there will come a time when we know what to do w/ 'Huey'.  Right now, clueless!