Would You Eat Aquafaba?

#Aquafaba #VeganEggWhites

August 10, 2018

Would you eat AquaFaba?  What is AquaFaba? Aquafaba is the liquid left over from cooking chickpeas. The liquid many pour out after taking the chickpeas out. This liquid gets whipped up, and can replace egg whites in some recipes. It can foam up just like meringue. Aquafaba is becoming quite the trend, and popping up all over. Especially w/ the ever popular chickpea, and varities of hummus that can be created. 

It was three years ago (2016) when a French tenor was looking for a Vegan egg substitute. In comes the chickpea and the discovery that it's remaining liquid can be whipped into a foam / meringue. Aquafaba successfully replaced egg whites in many recipes. The Aquafaba Love spread when an American Vegan Food Lover spread the word on Facebook.  More here...

There are several ways you can create the foam / meringue, but the easiest seems to be from the chickpeas liquid in a jar. Substituting Aquafaba for egg whites is 1THING friendly for Mama Earth too!