What is a Triple Stick Moment of Zen? When have you had one?

May the next TSMOZ find you soon...

May 17, 2019

Heather's triple lip color combo


This morning I had a #TripleStickMomentofZen. I don't know if you have this issue.. ? Many times I can't use just one color of lipstick that works with the outfit or mood I'm in that particular day.  I tend to mix colors. Many times 2 colors works okay, but when I combo 3 every so often I have this happen ... 

TRIPLE STICK MOMENT OF ZEN :That 1 moment when 3 lipstick / gloss combos create the perfect shade on your lips. Nothing touches your lips as long as possible, because you know you'll never get that color again. #TSMOZ

That happened this morning, and I don't expect it anytime soon again, but I will strive for it ...

  • Revlon Iced Mocha #315  2 lip coats
  • Revlon Lilac Mist #042 1 lip coat over the Iced Mocha
  • Revlon Sugar Violet Gloss #230 2 lip coats over the sticks

Triple Stick Moment of Zen ... AHHH ... It lasted until I drank my orange juice. When is the last time you had a #TSMOZ