Vacation Workout We All Can Do w/ Funnel Cakes


June 20, 2018

I'm getting ready to go on a road trip to w/ honey Ted to see family, and celebrate our 17th Wedding Anniversary soon. I happen to notice this headline "Doctor Says Exercising On Vacation Gives Your Body A More Effective Workout".  A beach getaway was mentioned. Going for a run on the beach is good for the body & soul.

Beach Run Pros & Cons:

  • Pro- Gives your body an extra workout because you use muscles you don't usually use running on pavement. Con-Muscles you don't normally use will be sore during Vacation. 
  • Pro -Your core, lower legs & lower back will get more of an enhanced workout on sand   Con- Your body will get REALLY SORE! 
  • Pro - Running / Working Out on sand gives a 'high shock absoptive qualities'. Less likely to cause muscle damage.Con - You're exercising on Vacation

I was thinking maybe there could be a compromise w/ the 'Workout on Vacation'. How about theses?:

  • Enjoy a nice walk on the beach while eating a funnel cake
  • If you have to many adult beverages, take a walk on the beach to your room, it's amazing how the beach air can make a hangover the next day way more bearable. Or it's what I've heard
  • Have chill time w/ a fruity drink in a coconut rather than a plastic glass.  Coconuts have a bit of weight to them. Doing arm exercises while enjoying your beach vacation
  • Play sand volleyball until you hit just about everyone around w/ the ball because you are clumsy. This happened to a friend
  • Frisbee... catching it uses lots of muscle power, and throw in running to get it before it hits someone, This can be a fierce workout.
  • Going on vacation shopping can really add on the steps when you're walking from store to store

Vacation Workout can be fun, and not seem like you are even doing it.  Start w/ the beach walk w/ the funnel cake. Don't forget to put the sunscreen on. If you're muscles get too sore,  get a massage. You deserve it. Your on vacation!