A video that can make YOU Smile & Cry

Happy Birthday Huey!

February 11, 2019

Today (2/11) would have been Huey's 17th birthday! I ran across this video last night on my phone. It made me Smile & Cry. A weird run of emotions that happen at the same time, even after a year. honey Ted & I still miss him something terrible. Our Da Bubbas.. Baby Huey will always be in our Hearts that is filled w/ LOVE for him, and HURTS at the same time. But JOY starts to take the pain over when thoughts of GOOD TIMES w/ HUEY come flooding in too!  A strange run of emotions that seem all at once. I figure it's natural. If it's not, then I'm just weird! Nothing new there... BIG HUGS if you have similar videos of times you spent with those YOU LOVED / STILL & WILL ALWAYS LOVE ...  I say furbabies count Big Time too! HUEY was our furry kiddo, and was extremely spoiled knowing it too! LOVE our Baby HUEY! HAPPY 17th ... Da Bubbas! 

Baby Huey