Ways a furbaby improves Mental Health

Bringing more Joy into Life

October 9, 2020
Rudy & Heather moment

If you have a furbaby, then you know how it feels when you're having one of those days.  A long day of work doesn't feel as draining when you are greeted with a big 'ole wiggle tail who's excited to see you. It makes you feel good. Bringing more joy to life. It's especially important these days during this COVID-19 pandemic. A time where masks and social distancing are the norms. There isn't a lot of human interaction, and touch, especially if you live alone. This can cause a void that ends up getting filled with stress, anxiety, sadness and even depression. 

Saturday, October 10 is World Mental Health Day recognizing the importance of everyone's mental wellbeing. Having a happy balance of physical & mental health is a big win for all. Having a furbaby in the mix of your life can really make a difference. Adding happiness that is very much needed. 

Furbabies seem to know how to fill that void with their cute and quirkie ways that make you smile in wonder and amazement at the things they do. It's all about the connection furbabies make with their humans. Rover conducted a survey of U.S. dog owners / pet parents to find out more bout that connection. The survey says:

  • 92% of dog parents say their furbaby positively impacted their mental health since the pandemic started
  • 73% of dog parents say going for a walk with their dog consistently brings them joy and happiness

Pet parents are more physically healthy than those who don't have pets

  • Fewer doctor appointments
  • Less likely to need sleep medication 
  • better self-reported fitness levels
  • Exercise more often

Phil Tedeschi, a clinical professor and Executive Director of the Institute for Human-Animal Connection, says the answer involves two main components: pets encourage us to exercise, and pets lower our stress levels. Both of which contribute to better overall mental health. It'a a Big Win for all!

The emotional health benefits of pets is just as important:

  • 70% of pet parents say working from home with their pets helped them stay active and happy
  • 2/3 of pet parents having their furbaby with them for company eases the worries during uncertain times with the companionship that is welcome and needed
  • 86% of pet parents said their furbabies helped relieve their stress when it comes to the Big 3 during this pandemic ... COVID-19, the economy and politics. 
  • 40% of pet parents turn to their pets during times of high stress. They only turned to their honey 23% or another family member 13% of the time.

Pet parents feel their furbabies Rock when it comes to ....

  • listening
  • no fear of judgement / or repercussions saying something to them
  • great distractions from worries
  • keeping us grounded in the moment
  • loyal & loving
  • even in the worst mood they make us smile

The attachment and feelings between a furbaby and their humans has been studied and documented as being mutual. A companionship that helps both with mental & physical wellbeing.  Find out more here. Thanks to Rover! 

I know honey Ted & I are thankful to have this bundle of quirky cuteness with us. Rudy certainly lightens up a mood at times, and keeps our minds off the ugliness of things going on. Making us smile, laugh and making our hearts feel happy.  It's hard to stay mad, or in a bad mood with Rudy Roo around ... 

Rudy's tongue

Right now, there are many furbabies waiting for that joyful bond in their furever home. Think you're ready for it? Here's just a few of the many places you can make a furbaby connection to create a loving bond in life together. 
Austin Pets Alive  Where we found Rudy, after he recovered from Parvo. 
Austin Humane Society
Wee Rescue
Wilco Animal Shelter