Ways to Get around ATX with Cap Metro

Reducing Traffic & Pollution in ATX

March 9, 2020
City Bus General

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I ran across DO512's Cap Metro Ride Guide, and thought it was definitely worth sharing. If you're tired of getting stuck in Austin traffic, and enjoy having less pollution and better air-quality, you may find what CapMetro has to offer inviting. Right now, CapitalMetro is following guidance from Austin Public Health and continues to monitor the situation involving COVID-19. Additional steps have been taken to keep the spread of respiratory viruses ... applying a disinfectant to common hand contact areas such as poles, handrails, armrests, door hands and stop request buttons. This is addition to the daily procedures of cleaning for all CapMetro vehicles and transit facilities.  They even plan to expand their schedule for SXSW. With many ride shares fearing using their personal vehicles to drive around at this time, CapMetro ,for now / being monitored, plans to be there for transportation needs. 

Announcements came out about a cool overhaul w/ plans for a rail to go through downtown ATX! Click here!

With this being said, Cap Metro has a varities of ways to get around ATX:

  • MetroBus  all over ATX
  • MetroRapid  North Lamar-South Congress and Burnet-South Lamar runs until 2:30 AM Thurs-Sat
  • MetroRail trains  9 stations between Leander and downtown Austin
  • MetroExpress  Commuter bus service w/ service routes in  outlying areas. Live in the burbs and work in the city.
  • Night Owl or E-bus  Routes 410-412 and 481-486 . Both are a cheap way to get downtown or back home until 3 a.m

CapMetro's full services can be found here. Also included accessible options, UT campus shuttles, and on-demand pickup service. CapMetro's high-frequency network offers buses every 15 minute each day. A network of 14 routes, with 10 serving downtown ATX directly. CapMetro app is helpful too! 

CapMetro Alerts are a thing:

CapMetros routes and schedules    

online trip planner   in-app planner 

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Fares & Passes

DO512's Riding CapMetro Like a Pro

  1. Be respectful. Don’t camp out across four handicap seats. Let folks who need the seat more than you have it.
  2. Be prepared. Have your ticket or bus fare in hand when you hop on board to make the ride as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Remember to have exact change to avoid losing money.
  3. Stay in the know. Check the app, the website &/or subscribe to MetroAlerts notifications for updates on delays and service alerts.
  4. Don’t miss your stop. Pay attention - Press the buttons on the bus walls or pull the yellow cord to alert your driver when your stop is next.
  5. Don’t be a jerk. Watch the Potty Mouth 
  6. Enjoy the ride! Saving Money, Time and helping the environment too.