We're Being Let Go From Our Home?!!!

#DontPopTheBubbleWrapBeforeMoving #HeatherandhoneyTed

June 15, 2017

This sign 'Home Is Wherever I'm With You' is hanging in our kitchen. It's also a saying that is even more TRUE as of last night. When I got home from work, I noticed a letter from the management company from the complex honey Ted and I have lived for over 10 years in SW ATX! It's the first and only place we have lived since we moved to ATX when I started having Workday Fun at Mix 94.7!  I was thinking it's a bit early to have a renew your lease time letter. Yes, it was. But we found out it's not too early for a ' Notice of Non- Renewal' letter that honey Ted found stuck to the door earlier in the day. I was confused??? Non-Renewal???

Basically the letter is letting us know it was a hard decision for them, but they don't think they can meet our expectations and make us happy where we are living. So, they will terminate our lease when it expires in a few months. They won't let us / or give us the option to renew our lease where we have lived for over 10 years!  We were baffled by what they thought our expectations were, and how we weren't happy.??? Nobody personally asked us what our expectations were and what makes us happy.  Because if they could actually read our minds, this didn't make us Happy.  

So honey Ted took the next step and asked the assistant manager, who signed the letter that was taped to our door, what this was about.  She informed him, the place we have called home for over 10 years will be renovated w/ upgrades and be put back on the market for a MUCH HIGHER RENT a month. Much higher than what we are paying. even though we pay quite a bit more than what it's actually worth (our opinion of course).  We will not be allowed to renew our lease.  Okay.. it's a money thing.. got it! They want us out to get a lot more for the place.. business decision from the owner and the management company to make more money.  GOT THAT!!  Pretty much nothing we can do about that..  

What really got us UPSET was the TOTAL LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE & COMPASSION for tenants who have lived in their place for over 10 years. Never late on rent! Weren't trouble makers. When Ted asked about other options, he was told, "Well we could rent another apartment if we wanted. We would have to look online and see if there was anything that we might be interested in, and they might be able to help us out. They'd be able to wave the deposit fee on another place" That's really nice of them!! (sarcasm) At one point, she mentioned others had been in too, sounding very put out about it. She even laughed a bit about the situation. It actually hurt honey Ted's feelings, that someone could be so cold about someone else asking about their 'HOME'. This mentality of the office / management company  is PRETTY CLEAR  from the last thought of the letter ...

Not a message that gives you the feeling they want to help you w/ the situation at all. Who cares you've called their community,home for over 10 years (did I mention that.. :) ) . Regardless,it's going to cost us to move out of the place, plus all the set up fees for utilities wherever we go.. address changes on everything, even if we stay at the community.  So it's really going to be a PITA (Pain in the ...) for us. I do have to thank them for letting us know a few months earlier. They were nice enough to say we won't be charged any fees if we leave earlier than what our lease is actually for... that's nice to know (sarcasm) . When I saw the last line.. 'We truly wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.' I realized they were 'LETTING US GO'... 1st time we've been Let Go from our Home. 

I'm sure the next couple of months will be Big Fun trying to figure out what to do, where to go, finding a new place to call home .. or our Future Endeavors! I've decided I'm going to stay classy, and not call anyone out by name. I realize it's a business thing ... Money can be made!! I just wish the manner in which the news was given, and how things are playing out were not in such a COLD, DON'T CARE WAY! It's hard not to take it personal, since it deals w/ one of the most personal matters in our lives.. HOME!

So the sign we have hanging in our kitchen will for sure be going w/ us wherever we decide to call HOME! They can't take that away from us.. 'Home Is Wherever I'm With You'.. as long as I'm w/ honey Ted & Huey.. I know I'm HOME!  

We'll have to make sure to get extra Bubble Wrap to pop too! It's a great STRESS reliever!