What does Taylor Swift have to do w/ Date Night?


November 2, 2016

honey Ted & I (had that face a lot last night) had the pleasure of going to the THE ILLUSIONISTS™ – LIVE FROM BROADWAY™ last night at the Bass Concert Hall thanks to Broadway in Austin. The show features 7 Extremely Talented Illusionists, and each having a Fantastic skill. This was the show's opening night in ATX. I would say it went pretty smooth. It's a combo of illusions, comedy, magic/tricks and skills that many don't have. We were amazed by all the talent on one stage. It really made for a FABULOUS NIGHT! 

Jeff Hobson - The Trickster was the host of the show with a Dynamic Personality which made for great comedy entertainment. 
Andrew Basso - The Escapologist - Houdini inspired  water escape that is dangerous and thrilling at the same time. 
Ben Blaque - Crossbow Specialist. AWESOME skills! His assistant has nerves of steel too!
Conlin Cloud - The Deductionist - Also responsibile for the Taylor Swift theme which also include Tokyo & soap. It's a mystery that only going and enjoying the show will solve for you!
Yu- Ho-Jin - The Manipulator - He has the smoothest card hands I've seen. He turns a deck of cards into a Magical event!
Kevin James - The Inventor - AKA- Snow Man'  .. He can and will make it  SNOW in the Bass Concert Hall! It Rocked!
Dan Sperr - The Anti-Conjuror - He's like a young Alice Cooper doing Magic. He was strange, funny and scary all at the same time. His bird Illusion was AWESOME! 

There were very few Opening Night issues that honey Ted & I  noticed. We thought the music was a bit over powering at times, but effective as far as what mood it should set during the illusions. Towards the end, there was an awkward part when nothing happened... I'll say on purpose for more drama.. like a dramatic pause that was just a bit longer. Opening night was pretty smooth.There is also a 20 minute intermission for them to clean up the stage after the water escape illusion w/ Andrew Basso. Enough time to grab a drink and get ready for more illusions. Overall, a Great Date Night for honey Ted & I.  If you are into magic & illusions, this would be the perfect night out with your honey / and/ or friends! THE ILLUSIONISTS™ – LIVE FROM BROADWAY™  will be in ATX through Sunday.  Click here.

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