Listen: What Eddie Money told Heather when they met

Eddie Money RIP - Rock in Peace!

September 13, 2019

My heart hurt finding out Eddie Money passed away this morning due to complications of cancer that was discovered last year that started in his esophagus and spread.
Update TMZ : A source close to Eddie tells us the singer died from complications associated with his heart valve procedure from a few months ago

It got me thinking about the time I meet and chatted w/ him. It was several years ago when I was working at a Classic Rock station(102.5) in Tampa / St. Pete Florida. He had a show that night at a bar in Ybor. An interview was set up where he'd come into the studio and chat w/ me for a bit to promote the show. 

I was first introduced to Eddie Money's ear candy of course in the '80s w/ his hits Shakin' , Take Me Home Tonight, I Wanna Go Back ... I was excited to get the chance to meet and chat a bit with Eddie Money, but also nervous about how it would go. Here's how my moment with Eddie Money went down, and what he said to me ...

When I started on-air, I worked over nights at the Rock station in Omaha, NE I grew up listening too.. Z-92. Triple play weekends were king then.  I played many Eddie Money threesomes during the time I was on-air there. A favorite Eddie Money triple play for me would be ... 

Shakin', Baby Hold On and  my favorite Eddie Money ear candy tune... 


These are the few photos honey Ted was able to find in my collage album at home. I wish I had the audio of the interview, but it went underwater w/ most of our things thanks to Hurricane Katrina. It's still nice to have and hopefully keep my Eddie Money (RIP) moment in memory. -  Heather R.