What happened to the Beaver WREAKING HAVOC off Howard Lane?

Chem-free came to the Rescue!

February 3, 2020

SylvieBouchard / GettyImages


Recently, my friends at Chem-free Organic Pest & Lawn got word of a beaver in a retention pond near Howard Lane that was wreaking havoc. Trying to build a dam where one is not wanted. The problem is beavers (semi-aquatic rodents) tend to be extremely aggressive and territorial, so you don't want to be in their area. Being in this pond off Howard Lane wasn't safe for the folks nearby. You'll see Chem-free's Wildlife Team came to the Rescue for a Happy Ending! A Big Win for All! 

Chem-free can handle pretty much any type of wildlife / rodent problem. Here are the most common types that folks in the ATX area call about. If you have any issues, Chem-free technicians will take care of the situation in a family, pet, Mama Earth friendly way. Check it out here