What is the Scariest Movie Ever for you?

#HorrorMovies #HalloweenScares

October 11, 2018

Less than 3 weeks until Halloween.  Do you enjoy watching the scary / horror movies leading up to the Big Day?  I remember watching the old Dracula movies w/ my Daddy Maurice. This turned into watching lots of other scary movies. I enjoy the movies, because they are movies. There are many scary ones, but the one.. actually two that I feel is the Scariest...

Don't ever watch this while you are babysitting. I did that one time.. that was it! Besides Michael being Scary.. the Music Score is SUPER SCARY! 

Will you go see the new Halloween Sequel?   I'm considering a  Halloween date night w/ honey Ted.

MY #2 is the Pea Soup Head spin...  Linda Blair owned it.. REALLY SCARY!! I  have never touched a Ouija Board because of this movie.. 

Will you go see the new The Pet Sematary out next year/ 2019?  

Here's where  the Scary Movie Screenings are happening in ATX!