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Family vs Me Time & More!

May 8, 2019

Flowers in Festival Beach Food Forest 2019 HR


Sunday, May 12th is #MothersDay! The gift of Time is a Great idea for Moms. As long as they're getting the Time they Enjoy the most!  Family Time vs Me Time?  Take the poll! See what's the most Popular Time for Mix Mamas... May all Mamas have a Great Day doing what they Enjoy the most! 

Listen this week at 7:10am for Mothers Day Spa Giveaways from the Mix Morning Show  during Can't Beat Booker Trivia.

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Have a Happy & Safe Mama's Day Weekend!  If your Mama is no longer w/ you, like my Mama Betty. Know they are always with us in our hearts, memories and in some of the ways we live our lives.  Big Love & Hugs to my Mama Betty. Her spirit is always w/ me. Thingies I have missed the past 17 years she's been gone. (Time flies)  Mama/ Daughter talks, her Love & Support, her Fiesty Nature and our Fun shopping times. MAMA BETTY ... YOU ROCK!  Your Sweet Pea Heather!