What's Happened to The Wave?

#DrivingManners #ThankYouWave

January 23, 2018

The 'Thank You Wave' is becoming a thing of the past on the roads. Many times I let people in traffic, and most of the time I don't get 'The Wave', or anything that says 'Thank You'.  Common driving courtesies seem to be going away.  Signals are also optional w/ many rides too. Add that w/ No Wave and it makes being stuck in traffic that much worse. Many must not realize the space was made for them. It didn't appear like Magic for them? Do they realize that, or is it they just don't care? They are in, that's all that matters. Well, many Mix Facebook Friends have restored my faith in knowing 'The Wave' is alive and kicking...

If you don't normally give The Wave when you are let in, give it a try the next time you get a spot. THE WAVE works great for Thank You and I'm moving over. #SpreadTheWaveWord  Thank You to all who bring and use your #DrivingManners while in traffic.

Also remember Signals to get over / turn. This helps a whole bunch more than trying to read  minds. #DriveFriendly