What's wrong with the word CUTE???

Throwing Your Honey A Cute!

February 7, 2019

honey Ted in CUTE overalls photo by Heather


When I came home last night, honey Ted was chilling in his overalls. It's a more youthful outfit look, so I told him he looked 'CUTE'. That's the reason for the face in the photo. I said 'WHAT?' He looked at me and said, "If I said the overalls were CUTE again he won't wear them anymore." Throwing out a cocky smile. He was 1/2 kidding, because it took us a long time to find those type of overalls. I knew he would continue wearing them, but I was surprised he didn't like the 'CUTE COMPLIMENT'.  What's WRONG with the word 'CUTE'? 


 What's a BETTER WORD to use when you think something your honey is doing or wearing is CUTE?

honey Ted's CUTE overalls photo by Heather