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October 14, 2020
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You have a Voice! Use It! Without getting into politics, voting for what and who you believe in matters. Here's what you need to know to accomplish the goal of Making Your Vote Count! Know your voting rights!

Important #2020election dates:

Voting polls and more by county thanks to CBS Austin

Look out for the #Vote reminder in downtown Austin at 5th & Congress @Mexic_Arte

Here's what You need to know for Voting in the 2020 Election / Election Day Tuesday, November 3, 2020
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Travis County Polling locations (9/25/20)

  • Travis County - Election Polling Locations. 
  • Early Voting begins Tuesday, October 13 and ends on Friday, October 30. Polls are open Monday - Saturday 7am - 7pm/ Sunday Noon - 6pm * except where noted.
  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. Polls are open 7am - 7pm.

Election deadlines 

  • Monday, October 5 is the deadline to register in-person to vote and the date your application must be postmarked if registering by mail.
  • Requests for ballots by mail must be received by Friday, October 3.

Only Eligible to Vote by Mail in Texas if you ...

UPDATE 10/1: Governor Abbott places limits to counties for drop-off locations for mail-in ballots to one!
UPDATE 10/09: 
Saturday, Attorney General Ken Paxton filed an emergency stay which was granted by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Texas counties will have no more than one mail-in-ballot drop off location. (standing for now) 

What to do for Hand Delivered Mail-In Ballots in Austin / Travis County

  • Voters may only hand deliver their own carrier envelope,
  • Present a form of ID
  • Sign a signature roster
  • Deposit their mail in ballot in the ballot box.

Early Voting in Texas

  • Tuesday, October 13 through Friday, October 30 at any polling place in your county
  • Dates and polls may vary by county, refer to your county's voter registration office for the lastest 411
  • Receive election reminders via email & text through vote.org

What's on the Ballot / Polling Places

Elections Results 11/3/20

Register to Vote

  • Must be a United States citizen / resident of the county in which you are registering
  • At least 17 years and 10 months old at the time of registering and 18 by Election Day exceptions
  • Texas doesn't allow online registeration, but you can download the form and print an application 
  • Request an application through the mail votetexas.gov
  • Contact your county’s voter registration office to complete the process.
  • Unsure if you are registered to vote / or registered on-site with someone you can find out in 30 seconds vote.org if it went through

Staying Safe While Voting
The State of Texas Health Protocal and Check List for Voters. includes: 

  • Wearing a mask
  • Wash or sanitize your hands upon entry to the polling place
  • Maintain at least six feet between you and other voters and polling officials
  • You may be asked to lower your mask so that your identity can be confirmed
  • If you contract COVID-10 ( or other sickeness / condition that prevents them from appearing to vote on election day) after the deadline to submit an application for a ballot  by mail, contact your county election officer for more details about submitting an Application for Emergency Early Voting Ballot Due to Sickness of Physical Disability. 

CDC's official election guidance page includes:

  • Wearing a mask. 
  • Keep a distance of at least six feet from others at all times.
  • Wash your hands both before and after leaving your polling location.
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol frequently throughout your time inside the polling place, especially after you touch things like door hands, voting machines, and other surfaces that lots of other people touch.
  • Cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue or the inside of your elbow. Dispose of the tissues in a lined garbage can, then use that 60% alcohol hand sanitizer again. 
  • Don't try to disinfect the voting machine or equipment yourself. Use hand sanitizer before and after you use the machine. Make sure it's dry before touching it.
  • Try to vote when your polling place isn't as busy. 
  • Verify that you're registered to vote before you leave home and make sure you bring any documents you'll need to avoid complications that could result in spending more time inside the polling place.
  • Bring your own black ink pen for marking your ballot, or your own stylus (just check with a polling place worker before you use it). 
  • Filling out a sample ballot at home is helpful for speed when casting your ballot at the polling location. 


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